HACKSUDO: 1 CTF Walkthrough [Vulnhub]

Let's crack one of the vulnhub boxes named HACKSUDO: 1 created by vishal Waghmare . It is a boot2root box with difficulty marked as beginner. So let's get started.

## STEP - 1 (Host discovery)

So we will start with netdiscover command to find our target machine in our network.

We discovered the target IP address to be

## STEP - 2 (Scanning)

Next, we gonna use nmap to find open ports and their services respectively.

Here I am using -sV for the service version, -oN for saving my output in a file, --script=vuln for vulnerability scanning on the respective open ports, and -vv for verbosity.

nmap -sV -oN nmap/initial_scan --script=vuln -vv

As for the initial results, we can deduce that 3 ports are opened on this machine.

                  80 [http] | 2222 [ssh] | 8080 [http]

For further results, we can see:-

--> Port 80 : HTTP [Apache httpd 2.4.46]

--> Port 2222 : SSH [OpenSSH 8.3p1]

--> Port 8080 : HTTP [Apache Tomcat 9.0.24]

Also, we got an interesting file through our Nmap scanning results under the http_enum section:

## STEP - 3 (Further Enumeration)

Let's grab the file users.sql. It may contain some valuable data.